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As a market leader in executive search for continuous improvement and operational excellence talent, The Avery Point Group pioneered the use of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies in executive search and recruiting. Although “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, don’t be misled by other “me too” executive search firms who try to copy / imitate the essence or our Lean Sigma Search™ value stream approach to executive search.

Our Lean Sigma Search™ approach to executive search and recruiting is a reflection of our deep understanding of Lean and Six Sigma gained from decades of hands-on operations experience applying both methodologies in industry as executive deployment leaders. As a result, we are uniquely qualified to help our clients find, assess and recruit Lean, Six Sigma and operational excellence leadership talent. Our key principals have held senior-level director, VP and Lean Six Sigma positions in manufacturing, distribution and service-based Fortune 500 companies.

Yvonne Hite - Principal & Partner

Our principals are Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Lean trained by globally recognized industry leading companies and have real-world, practical experience in their application. As subject matter experts in the recruiting of Lean, Six Sigma and operation excellence talent, our firm has been featured in leading industry trade journals such as: Quality Progress, Quality Digest and IndustryWeek. Unlike other executive search firms we truly speak the language of our clients and candidates.


Search excellence starts with the sound foundation of a well-defined and consistent search methodology. Our Lean Sigma Search™ value stream process methodology incorporates a unique Lean and Six Sigma approach to filling our clients’ staffing needs.

An important foundation of Lean Six Sigma methodology is the concept of waste and defect elimination. Lean Six Sigma defines a defect in terms of meeting the specifications, expectations and requirements of the customer. What is a defect with regard to the executive search process? Presenting unqualified candidates, candidates with missing skill sets and candidates who don’t fit the corporate culture and chemistry of the client are just some examples of waste and defects that can result from a poor executive search process.

At The Avery Point Group we practice what we preach when it comes to Lean and Six Sigma. Our experience has shown us the importance of incorporating the voice of the client (VOC) at each critical phase in the value stream placement process. We take great care in defining and characterizing the client’s critical to quality (CTQs) requirements, up front, to ensure successful screening and placement of candidates, thus avoiding waste and defects that can cost a client time, money, and worse yet, a poor placement.

Lean Sigma Search™ Value Stream Process Deliverables

Deliverables Introduction

Each phase of our Lean Sigma Search™ process is based on standard work, which is designed to move the search along efficiently and effectively through our value stream, thus enabling us to exceed our clients’ expectations and requirements.

Learn more about the deliverables for each phase of our Lean Sigma Search™ value stream executive search process.

Define Phase Process Deliverables

  • Go to Gemba – Client site visit – Gain insight into client corporate culture = improved candidate fit
  • Define candidate & search CTQ’s via VOC
  • Define search project scope / Define stakeholder roles & responsibilities with client

Learn more details about the Define Phase of our Lean Sigma Search™ Value Stream Process and how we start our methodology by going to Gemba and with the voice of the client (VOC).

Define Phase

Measure Phase Process Deliverables

  • Build Position Benchmarking Standard Work – Serves as measurement standard for all candidate assessments
  • Develop and execute marketing campaign and search sourcing plan / Measure market response to position
  • Weekly feedback to client – Measure search progress

Learn more details about the Measure Phase of our Lean Sigma Search™ Value Stream Process and how we develop a Position Benchmarking Specification that is validated and approved by the client before we initiate the search project. This specification is the measurement system by which all potential candidates will be benchmarked and assessed, ensuring the client’s CTQs are met.

Measure Phase

Analyze Phase Process Deliverables

  • Build candidate flow – Identify and recruit the vital few “X”’s, candidates with the best potential to meet client CTQ’s
  • Analyze fit versus Position Benchmarking Standard Work
  • Cull the vital few from the trivial many for client presentation with full written summary of assessment

Learn more details about the Analyze Phase of our Lean Sigma Search™ Value Stream Process and how we identify and find the vital few “X”s, those candidates with the right skills and qualities that best correlate to the client’s CTQ requirements.

Analyze Phase

Improve Phase Process Deliverables

  • Assist in the initiation of client and candidate interviews – Provide feedback to each party in the process
  • Validate both the candidate and client interest in moving the process forward – Probe for potential failure modes
  • Initiation of candidate reference check – Validate candidate fit to client CTQ’s – Probe for areas of concern

Learn more details about the Improve Phase of our Lean Sigma Search™ Value Stream Process and how we focus on driving the search to a successful conclusion. This phase begins with client-candidate interviews. We typically assist in the logistics of scheduling interviews, meeting times and other details, so that all interviews proceed smoothly for both the client and final candidates.

Improve Phase

Control Phase Process Deliverables

  • Offer execution – Drive the search process to successful conclusion – Serve as the liaison between candidate and client during the critical offer phase
  • Monitor on-boarding process to insure a smooth transition
  • Seek feedback from client and candidate – Drive continuous improvement of our executive search process

Learn more details about the Control Phase of our Lean Sigma Search™ Value Stream Process and how we focus on maintaining the positive results gained from a successfully concluded executive search effort. As a result, our involvement with the chosen candidate and client doesn’t end with the completion of the search process.

Control Phase

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