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Transformation Talent for the Entire Value Stream - Lean & Six Sigma Recruiters
Synchronize Success Across the Entire Value Stream - Lean & Six Sigma Recruiters
Sparking Transformation Across the Entire Value Stream - Lean & Six Sigma Recruiters
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Bottom-Line Impact Across the Entire Value Stream Lean & Six Sigma Recruiters

Since 2004, The Avery Point Group has made a strategic commitment to serving the unique enterprise transformation talent needs of the private equity sector. Our private equity executive search and recruiting practice focuses on mid-to senior-level executive positions across the entire value stream of our client’s portfolio companies. Our firm draws upon our principal’s over half a century of business transformation, operations leadership, and executive search experience to provide superior service that exceeds our clients’ expectations and critical to quality (CTQ) requirements.

The Avery Pont Group knows what it takes to identify, assess and recruit top executive level private equity portfolio company leadership that have Lean Six Sigma business transformation skills as a part of their core DNA and the personal capabilities to build significant value in this demanding business sector. In their prior industry roles, our key principals have worked in almost every function across the entire value stream, including holding senior-level positions in plant management and director-level global leadership roles. Our principals are Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Lean trained by globally recognized industry leading Fortune 500 companies and have real-world experience in their application. As a result, we are uniquely qualified to serve as trusted advisors to both our private equity clients and candidates.

We create executive search strategies based on our private equity client’s individual critical to quality (CTQ) transformation talent staffing needs. We leverage our Lean Sigma Search™ value stream process, our broad industry knowledge and our extensive database of transformation leadership talent to find candidates who are uniquely qualified to fill our private equity client’s most critical mid-to senior-level leadership roles.

How Critical is the Right Private Equity Transformation Leadership Talent?

A recent major consulting firm survey of private equity portfolio company senior executives found that higher performers in their organization out performed average performers by a wide margin. This should come as no surprise to any of us. However, what came as a surprise was how much this difference could impact the overall performance of an organization. The study went on to highlight some significant findings:

  • In operations roles, higher performers were able to generate 40% more in productivity than their average performing counterparts.
  • In managerial roles, higher performers were able to generate 50% more in profits than their average performing counterparts.

Similar studies have found even more profound differences between top and bottom performers in key value stream leadership roles. For instance, in manufacturing companies, one study concluded that the best plant managers grew profits 130% while the lowest-performing managers achieved no improvement.

Hiring the right transformation and operations talent can have a profound impact on a portfolio company’s overall performance. Our focus is to help our private equity clients find the right operations and transformation talent that possess Lean and Six Sigma skills as a part of their core DNA to maximize our clients’ profit, productivity objectives and value creation.

Contact us today at +1 678-585-9804 to learn how The Avery Point Group can help your organization find the right private equity transformation leadership talent.

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