Lean and Six Sigma Transformation Talent for the Entire Value Stream

Transformation Talent for the Entire Value Stream - Lean & Six Sigma Recruiters
Synchronize Success Across the Entire Value Stream - Lean & Six Sigma Recruiters
Sparking Transformation Across the Entire Value Stream - Lean & Six Sigma Recruiters
Delivering Results - Lean Recruiters - Six Sigma Recruiters
Bottom-Line Impact Across the Entire Value Stream Lean & Six Sigma Recruiters

The Avery Point Group provides functional expertise and executive search focus in the areas of Lean , Six Sigma, and Operational Excellence. As executive recruiters our practice services a wide spectrum of industry verticals, spanning manufacturing, distribution, private equity and transactionally focused service-based companies globally.  We focus on $100K+ roles as follows:

  • Vice President Operational Excellence
  • Vice President Process Excellence
  • Vice President Continuous Improvement
  • Vice President Business Excellence
  • Vice President Transformation
  • Vice President  Lean
  • Vice President  Six Sigma
  • Vice President  Lean Sigma
  • Lean Master
  • Lean Sensei
  • Director Operational Excellence
  • Director Process Excellence
  • Director Continuous Improvement
  • Director Business Excellence
  • Director Transformation
  • Director Lean
  • Director Six Sigma
  • Director Lean Sigma
  • Manager Operational Excellence
  • Manager Process Excellence
  • Manager Continuous Improvement
  • Manager Business Excellence
  • Manager Transformation
  • Manager Lean
  • Manager Six Sigma
  • Manager Lean Sigma
  • Manager Rapid Improvement
  • Value Stream Manager
  • Value Stream Leader
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Lean Sigma Master Black Belt
  • Lean Sigma Black Belt
  • Value Stream Leader
  • Value Stream Manager
  • Consultant Operational Excellence
  • Consultant Process Excellence
  • Consultant Business Excellence
  • Consultant Transformation
  • Consultant Lean
  • Consultant Six Sigma
  • Consultant Lean Sigma

Why We Focus on Transformation Talent 

According to a leading business magazine study, only 2% of plants have reached world-class manufacturing performance, with an additional 23% making significant progress toward this enviable status. The common theme found among these superior operations was a fully implemented and effective continuous improvement methodology.

Of the plants that have made little or no progress toward world-class performance, 53% reported having some level of continuous improvement effort already in place. The study very pointedly suggests that these improvement efforts might be suffering from half-hearted and unfocused efforts or worse yet, disinterested or incompetent leadership.

The overall findings of this study point to the fact that most operations could dramatically improve their performance by having the right leadership talent in place. Our focus is to help our clients find the right Lean and Six Sigma talent to maximize their continuous improvement / operational excellence efforts and help them achieve world-class performance.

Contact us today at +1 678-585-9804 to learn how The Avery Point Group can help your organization find the right Lean, Six Sigma and Operational Excellence transformation leadership talent.

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